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As part of our educational initiatives, we are proud to announce the launch of “Let’s talk oral health!”, a comprehensive series of webinars exploring home-based oral care from the perspective of several dental specialties. Each webinar will feature two relevant speakers in the field for an open and informal conversation of 45-60 minutes. The series is aimed at oral care professionals and will cover the main topics professionals face every day: periodontology, orthodontics, cancer therapy, special needs dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and implantology.

From April to October 2022, each session will take place during the first week of the month, free and open to everyone (previous registration required) and will be available on-demand. Also, downloadable ppt slides with the key takeaways of the webinar will be available too.

Supporting cancer therapy compliance with oral care

The third episode of our webinar series will explore how home based oral care can support cancer therapy.

Patients undergoing cancer treatment, particularly those receiving a combination of radiotherapy and chemotherapy for the treatment of head and neck cancer, are at high risk of developing oral conditions such as oral mucositis or xerostomia. Mucositis can be so debilitating that some patients may be hospitalized and fed through a tube or intravenously. The adverse effects of mucositis often affect compliance to cancer therapies causing interruptions or discontinuation of treatment, thus reducing patient’s chances of survival.

Preventing and managing oral conditions is essential in the care of cancer patients. It requires an interdisciplinary approach with dentists, dental hygienists, nutritionists, oncologists and nurses working together to diagnose patients early and provide care to alleviate pain, keep patients nourished and manage the risk of secondary infections.

let's talk oral health

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