Opening of a new plant in Yamanashi, Japan

10 December 2021

Achieved triple production capacity for liquid products such as mouthwash-Starting operation of new Yamanashi factory to meet growing demand for mouthwash in Japan and Asia

The Sunstar Group supports the Medical Device Corridor Plan promoted by Yamanashi Prefecture, and the newly constructed “Sunstar Co., Ltd. Yamanashi Factory” in the Southern Alps City of Yamanashi Prefecture will start operations in October 2021. The new factory will produce about 50 types of liquid products such as liquid toothpaste “Gum Dental Rinse” and mouthwash “Gum Mouth Barrier”. We will work to further expand our business in response to the increasing demand for mouthwash due to the recent increase in awareness of oral care.

At the new facility, we will be the only factory in Japan to carry out integrated production from small-capacity to large-capacity bottle molding to filling and packaging, with the aim of reducing inventory by about 30%. In the future, we will introduce an additional line to respond to the growing production of products for Asia. In addition, a solar power generation panel has been installed on the rooftop, and high-efficiency air conditioning equipment has been installed throughout the factory, making it an environmentally friendly design.

With the aim of educating the community Sunstar belongs to, facility tours will be organised for the first time at a factory that produces Sunstar mouthwash, liquid toothpaste, etc., and collectives such as elementary school students to seniors, local neighbors, and oral care professionals will be able to witness the production process from bottle molding to filling and packaging.

Sunstar will promote more environmentally friendly and efficient production activities by operating the new factory, and will continue to contribute to the promotion of people’s health and the improvement of living culture.

We would like to thank all the people inside and outside the company for their efforts in operating the factory. This factory not only plays a role as a starting point for product sales expansion centered on Asia, but also plays a role as a new touch point centered on oral care while attracting customers with new technology and manufacturing as a fascinating factory.
Shinya Takeguchi, Factory Manager, Sunstar Yamanashi Factory

Main features of Sunstar Yamanashi Factory

1. Integrated production line for container molding, filling, and packaging for various bottles from small capacity to large capacity

2. Promotion of automation by automated warehouses, automatic guided vehicles, robot equipment, etc.

3. Support for reducing environmental load by installing solar power generation panels on the roof and high-efficiency air conditioning

4 Ensuring seismic strength equivalent to that of government offices

5. Pharmaceutical manufacturing level clean room specifications

6. Setting up a tour course to understand the process until the product is made

7. A tour program that includes learning, such as oral health seminars and oral and general health

8. Barrier-free design for wheelchair slopes, etc.

* The tour program is scheduled to start in 2022 to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.

Overview of Sunstar Yamanashi Factory

Location: 173-3 Miyazawa, Minami Alps City, Yamanashi Prefecture

Building area: Approximately 5,300㎡

Total floor area: Approximately 7,400㎡

Number of floors: 2 stories above ground

Production capacity: Up to 50 million pieces can be produced annually

Investment scale: Approximately 5 billion yen

Operation start date: October 1, 2021 (Friday)

Examples of main products produced at the Sunstar Yamanashi Factory

(1) Gum / Dental Rinse [Regular Type] Quasi-drug Liquid Toothpaste Brand Name: Medicinal GUM Dental Rinse wa

It sterilizes periodontal disease bacteria, prevents inflammation and prevents periodontal disease more effectively.

(2) Gum / Mouth Barrier [Fresh Mint Type] Quasi-drug Mouthwash Brand Name: Medicinal Sunstar Mouthwash K

New hygiene habits before and after going out. Sterilization barrier & cleaning reset prevents bad breath and keeps your mouth clean.

(3) Aura Two Me Mouthwash Stain Care [Peach Leaf Mint] Mouthwash Brand Name: Aura Two ME Mouthwash R (Peach Leaf Mint)

Rinse off odor and stain (colored stains) to every corner of your mouth for a clean and clear look.

Liquid toothpaste:

Brush after putting in the mouth. Compared to toothpaste, it is a liquid, so it spreads to every corner of the oral cavity.

Mouthwash (mouthwash):

For finishing after toothpaste and oral care when toothpaste is not possible. Unlike liquid toothpaste, brushing is not required after putting it in your mouth.