Visit us at Europerio10: Sunstar booth, Awards and more!

05 April 2022

Europerio10 is finally here and we cannot be more excited to be joining this event once more! Keep reading to find out everything we have prepared for this special occasion.

Sunstar session: The Economics of Saving Teeth

Retaining teeth can be beneficial for the patient, the dentist and the economic burden of dental care in our society. Dr Sandro Cortellini, private practice, Florence (Italy), and Prof Tonetti, Dr. Sandro Cortellini, private practice, Florence (Italy), and Prof. Maurizio Tonetti, professor in periodontology from Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine (China), will explore the health economics underlying the prevention and management of periodontal diseases. They will cover various clinical and societal measures to retain the teeth, ranging from self-care to surgical approaches and community policies. The goal of the session is to serve the greater purpose of improving the individual’s oral and general health while reducing the economic burden on our health system.

Join the session on Friday 17th June 12:30 -13:30, Break out room 1, C1-M0. (first come, first served)

Prof Cortellini

Prof Cortellini

Professor Tonetti

Prof Tonetti

Sunstar Foundation Award Ceremony

At the end of the conference, Sunstar will host the Award Ceremony for two of the leading awards in the periodontology field: the World Perio Research Awards and the Perio Link™ Award. Since 2003, the World Perio Research Awards have aimed to raise awareness about the relationship between oral health and general health. More recently, with the launch of the Perio Link™ Award in 2018, the Sunstar Foundation aims to bring science closer to the people and beyond the scientific community by asking researchers to submit a one-minute video summarising their findings on a paper published recently.

The Award Ceremony will be joined by the members of the Award Selection Committee and representatives of the most prestigious periodontal journals: Prof. Kenneth Kornman, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Periodontology; Dr. William Giannobile, Dean of Harvard School of Dental Medicine; Dr. Nicholas Jakubovics, Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Dental Research; Prof. Shinya Murakami, Editor, Journal of Periodontal Research; and Prof Maurizio Tonetti, Editor Emeritus, Journal of Clinical Periodontology.

Check the full list of winners of the World Perio Research Awards and the Perio Link™ Award.