Sunstar deodorisation and sterilisation system to be adopted in West Japan Railway Company limited express trains

14 July 2020

A photocatalytic deodorisation and sterilisation system from U-VIX Corporation, which belongs to Sunstar Group, was jointly developed for railway vehicles with West Japan Railway Technos Corporation (hereinafter JR West Technos), and will be adopted as the air purifier system for passenger compartments of limited express trains of West Japan Railway Company (hereinafter JR West).

Sunstar’s photocatalytic and deodorisation and sterilisation system oxidises and decomposes harmful organic compounds such as odour-causing substances, bacteria, and viruses floating in indoor air into water and carbon dioxide by a photocatalytic reaction using ultraviolet light and has a high deodorisation effect and bacteria/virus removing effect. With no substances for air purification released into the passenger compartment and with low maintenance due to there being no need for replacement of dust collection filters, it is being adopted as a deodorisation and sterilisation system in various indoor spaces such as schools, nurseries, homes, offices, hotels, commercial facilities, and medical care facilities.

Jointly developed with JR West Technos for railway vehicles, it was already adopted as an air purifier for railway vehicles on the Osaka Loop Line in 2016, and TMiP (Titanium Mesh impregnated Photocatalyst), ultraviolet lamps, and other related parts have been delivered. As a result of being evaluated for maintaining good air quality in passenger compartments based on operating results to date, it will also be adopted sequentially in the limited express trains of JR West. Going forward, air purifiers for railway vehicles will be developed under the name ‘TiO Clean®’.

Sunstar is actively working to provide products and services that offer health promotion, and enriching spaces for living and moving aimed at healthy life extension, including oral health to full-body health and the air environments surrounding people.

As a part of this business strategy, U-VIX Corporation was added to Sunstar Group in 2017. U-VIX Corporation is specialised in ceiling-space air conditioning duct installation for schools, nurseries, homes, offices, hotels, commercial facilities, medical care facilities, and railways. In September 2019, U-VIX Corporation introduced the QAIS-air-01 high-performance deodorisation and sterilisation system with improved deodorisation performance, quietness, and design as the Sunstar brand indoor air environment and space design solution that creates ‘air that makes the body happy’, primarily aimed at hospitals and care facilities.

The QAIS-air-01 is a product with an always-on operation inside hospital rooms and care rooms that removes odours, bacteria, and viruses by drawing indoor floating odour-causing substances, bacteria, and viruses into the device with an intake fan and has begun to be widely adopted for purposes such as company meeting rooms and beauty salons, as well as hospitals and care facilities.

Examples of Sunstar Group photocatalytic deodorisation and sterilisation systems