Sunstar expands its industrial business in Europe

24 December 2019

Rain am Lech, 2nd October 2019
Sunstar chooses Germany as a key country to expand its industrial business and opens a new factory and R&D centre in Rain am Lech. The new facility will mainly focus on developing adhesives and sealants for the automotive industry. In Europe, Sunstar is mostly known for its leading oral care brands, GUM® and GUIDOR®, since the industrial business is primarily based in Asia and America. Therefore, this opening is a firm intent to grow the Sunstar Engineering presence in Europe as well as to invest in researching sustainable ways to keep innovating and reducing the environmental impact.

The new plant in Rain am Lech is 4.700 m2 big, and will have all the areas and equipment needed to respond to the market and society needs rapidly. It will include an R&D centre, a technical area and a production base that will allow the company to have all the production in house and serve to the main European markets. Sunstar has over 40 years of experience in the automotive sector, has plants in Japan, Singapore, Thailand, China and the US, and is one of the biggest suppliers to Japanese automotive companies such as Toyota, Honda or Nissan. Therefore, the Bavaria region is particularly attractive for the company due to the strong presence of premium car manufacturers such as BMW, Audi or Daimler.

As Mutsuhisa Miyamoto, CEO of the Industrial Business Group at Sunstar, states: “Europe is the most advanced region in adhesives and sealants technologies, especially for the automotive industry, with many large global players based in Europe. This is a good opportunity for Sunstar to develop our unique technology and products in an environment of high competition, and to contribute to the European automotive industry”.

This opening will also have a significant impact on the local community since Sunstar expects to employ over 50 people in the mid-term and has already invested 20M€ in the project. As Yoshihiro Nakata, Managing Director of Sunstar Engineering Europe GmbH, explains: “Through our operations, we intend to create new jobs, additional tax revenue, further future investment, and community support. We are dedicated to having a positive impact on the region and we are proud to call Bavaria and Rain am Lech our new home.”

A new generation of adhesives for the changing automotive industry

In order to meet the environmental car requirements, many automotive companies are now manufacturing light-weight car bodies. Sunstar is following these trends by developing new structural adhesives that increase the stiffness of the car and provide better crash resistance and damping performance. In other words, the goal is to ensure the comfort of the users and enhance their experience with the new car bodies.

Sunstar Engineering is the industrial branch of Sunstar, and it offers reliable solutions to improve safety in the automotive industry as well as contributing to a healthy living environment. With the brands Braking, Sunstar and Penguin, Sunstar provides high-value-added motorcycle parts, such as brakes or sprockets, and adhesives, sealants, and coatings used in various phases of the car manufacturing process. On the other hand, the Penguin® construction sealants are designed to adapt our buildings to the new architectural methods and reduce the health impact many indoor sealants have. For instance, developed an interior sealant to deal effectively with “sick building” syndrome caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Sunstar will continue to develop cutting-edge technologies and products that play a role in creating a more sound and healthy living environment as well as to research new materials that respond to the needs of the changing automotive sector.