Celebrating the Milestone of SUNSTAR Italiana's 25th Anniversary

15th of May 2024

This May, SUNSTAR Italiana marks a significant milestone by celebrating its 25th anniversary. The four-day celebration held in Malta was a gathering of over 80 team members. This included our dedicated Sunstarian Agents, Sales Representatives, and Area Managers from various fields of expertise.

A Night to Remember

The highlight of our celebration was a gala dinner held in a stunning medieval palace in Valletta, replete with Maltese crosses and suits of armor, adding to the ambiance of achievement and tradition. The evening was not only about fine dining but also about honoring longstanding members of our team. Special recognition was given to those who have been with us for 25, 15, and 10 years, underscoring their invaluable contributions to our company.

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Leadership and Team Building

The event was graced by notable leaders including Yuji Okamoto, Chief Operating Officer for Europe & Americas, Yohei Hamasaki, Director of Business Planning Western Region, Gavin Dale, President of SUNSTAR Italiana and Director of Legal Affairs EMEA, and René Bujard, Director of HR EMEA. Their presence emphasized the supportive leadership that has driven SUNSTAR’s success.

The setting of Malta served as a perfect backdrop for many team building activities and discussions of key themes such as maintaining a positive outlook—essential components of our corporate ethos. These discussions were inspired by a speech from Marco Bruscaini, our Managing Director for EMEA, who also shared insights into our solid performance in the Italian oral care market, particularly our leadership in the interdental brush sector.

Forward Thinking and Innovation

The meetings held during the event were pivotal, involving our pharma, professional, and mass-market groups. These sessions were designed to refine strategies and tackle sector-specific challenges effectively, setting a clear path for future endeavors.

This gathering was more than just a celebration; it was an affirmation of SUNSTAR's commitment to innovation, leadership, and community. As we look forward, we are excited to continue embracing change and pursuing ambitious goals.

Looking to the Future

In 2023, SUNSTAR Italiana celebrated significant growth across various market segments, demonstrating the strength and resilience of our brand. Overall, our cumulative growth was 9%, pushing our total sales to 27.026. This growth underscores our position as a leader in the oral care industry and our ongoing commitment to excellence and leadership in the oral care industry.

As we mark 25 years of success at SUNSTAR Italiana, we are ready to embrace the future with an even stronger commitment to innovation and community. Together, we shine.