Sunstar joins the initiative “Sustainability in Dentistry’

09 May 2023

“Sustainability in Dentistry” is an industry programme led by the FDI World Dental Federation to shape the future of sustainable dentistry.

Sunstar joins phase II of the “Sustainability in Dentistry” programme, along with other industry partners, to reduce the impact oral health has on the environment. In particular, during this phase, “Sustainability in Dentistry”, the project is dedicated to equipping stakeholders in the oral healthcare supply chain with the tools and resources needed to prioritize sustainability in dentistry. By empowering oral health professionals and informing patients about their role in sustainability, the environmental impact of dental practices can be reduced while improving overall health outcomes.

The first milestone of this initiative is a Sustainability Summit on the 5th of June targeted to oral care professionals. Registration is now open.

At Sunstar, we are proud to participate in initiatives like this and do our part to promote a more sustainable future for the dental profession. We are committed to ESG management to build a healthier and more sustainable tomorrow. Learn more about our sustainability efforts here.

Bee hives outside Sunstar office