Sunstar previews GUM Playbrush at IDS

14 March 2023

Sunstar Oral Care, the oral health division of the international healthcare company, is joining IDS at its 100-year anniversary event from 14-18 March 2023, in Cologne, Germany. In line with this show’s message “Shaping the dental future’, Sunstar Oral Care is previewing GUM Playbrush, a new toothbrush for children which pairs GUM’s expertise in oral health with Playbrush’s best-in-class software, giving parents a fun but effective toothbrush and app to educate children on the best oral care rituals – while helping to put an end to bathroom tantrums.

The growing GUM brand family aims to make GUM Playbrush the go-to toothbrush for children between three and six years old and six plus, while complementing the existing GUM children range: a toothpaste line for children aged three and six, a mouth rinse for the six plus and a manual toothbrush line.

Using guided gamification and fun rewards, GUM Playbrush get children excited about brushing – research has shown they brush twice a day for twice as long. So they not only brush their teeth more often, but they also achieve longer and more thorough brushing experiences[1]. Children also learn the basic oral care essentials through an interactive brushing coach, building good oral care habits from the start.

The new GUM Playbrush toothbrush uses sonic technology, has two cleaning modes and a pressure sensor. Two head sizes are available in age-appropriate sizes for children aged three and six. Thanks to extra soft bristles – specially developed for children – and a padded head, GUM Playbrush gently cleans sensitive teeth and gums, and gets to hard-to-reach areas with its raised front bristles. Together with daily cleaning statistics on the GUM Playbrush app, parents and oral care professionals can be given regular insights into a child’s brushing behavior – from how long they are cleaning for, to the amount of brushing coverage, frequency and brushing pressure.

With the acquisition of Playbrush GmbH in 2021 to enter the rapidly growing digital oral care market, Sunstar is aligning its preventative and holistic healthcare expertise with Playbrush’s smart software solutions. The result is a joint mission to create a new smart prevention platform for personal oral health and become the world’s leading connected healthcare partner.

Comments Yuji Okamoto, Chief Operating Officer Europe-Americas, Chief Financial Officer: “We’re thrilled to finally present the result of two years of fruitful collaboration between Sunstar and Playbrush teams at IDS.

“GUM Playbrush is the first innovation of many as we seize digital growth opportunities via new data-driven business models in oral care. Playbrush’s best-in-class technological innovation and business model platforms, combined with our holistic oral care expertise and values, is a natural and complementary fit.”

Adds Paul Varga, CEO of Playbrush: “We’re delighted to show at IDS for the first time and to be able to exchange ideas with the many experts as we present GUM Playbrush. This is an exciting new chapter in the company’s evolution and we will continue to transform the industry partnered with Sunstar’s scale and expertise.”

At Sunstar’s booth, C060 – hall 5.2, oral care professionals and visitors will have the opportunity to learn about GUM’s oral care rituals and discover the growing GUM brand range.

GUM oral care rituals celebrate everyday health and offer total self-care. Built around three easy steps (cleaning between your teeth, brushing and rinsing), to gently and effectively clean the whole mouth, including the tiny gaps between teeth and along the gum line, which play an essential role in oral wellbeing and are the source of many oral health challenges from children to adults.

GUM Playbrush ad

GUM Playbrush

GUM booth at IDS

Sunstar GUM booth at IDS

[1] GUM Playbrush Scientific brochure EN