Sunstar transfers the GUIDOR business to Collagen Matrix, Inc

29 December 2020

Sunstar, healthcare company, transfers the GUIDOR
business, specialized in guiding oral rehabilitation, to Collagen Matrix, Inc. The
transaction includes the company Degradable Solutions AG, which joined the
Sunstar Group in 2011. With this decision, Sunstar will offer a more consistent
range of solutions specialized in the chemical treatment and prevention for
periodontal disease.

As of December 21st, Sunstar transfers the following
products to Collagen Matrix: Guidor easy-graft, Guidor calc-i-oss, and Guidor
Matrix Barrier in the following markets: US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy,
Spain, and China. To ensure a smooth transition, Sunstar will continue serving
GUIDOR customers on behalf of Collagen Matrix, and attending any inquiry
regarding the transferring process for a certain period.

As Takeshi Kamigouchi, CEO of the Sunstar Consumer
Business, comments “We believe this decision will ensure our future growth as a
global healthcare leader by allowing us to focus on our core strength: developing
solutions to prevent and treat periodontal disease”.