Sunstar x Terracycle: recycling oral care

27 October 2022

Sunstar GUM is expanding its collaboration with Terracycle in the Netherlands, joining forces with Phillips to collect and recycle an even bigger array of oral care products.

GUM and Terracycle launched a pilot recycling program in 2021 to collect all types of interdental products (all brands accepted). Now, GUM and Philips are partnering to offer consumers and dental practices the opportunity to recycle even more products (adding manual toothbrushes and electric refill heads to the accepted categories) through one common program.

Collection points are distributed across the Netherlands via dental offices. Once the products are collected, they are sorted and cleaned. The material is then melted into plastic granules, which will be converted into multiple products such as outdoor furniture, watering cans, storage containers, pipes for containers, and many more applications.

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