Sunstar’s Communication Park in Osaka receives the “2021 Good Design Award”

13 December 2021

The new Sunstar Communication Park is located in Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture, and it is an office that incorporates natural environment in the atrium that connects the 1st to 3rd floors. We aim to accelerate business creation in a place where dramatic development and innovation occur through dialogues with diverse work styles and consumers. We want to be inspired to create new businesses and services that contribute to the extension of healthy life expectancy more creatively.

We have designed a free address workspace, set up a communication area and a centralized work area, and made full use of IoT technology to improve the comfort and efficiency of the work environment of employees. It is a sustainable office that takes disaster response into consideration.

Upon receiving the award: “A comfortable office is a good example of creating a healthy society. It is wonderful that it is open to the area and considers the landscape. The office space is also a relaxing space full of natural light, interior design, furniture and lighting. The layout of the office is also carefully designed, and the environment and space that make you want to work here express the consciousness of the company. “

Sunstar will consider the environment and the health of employees, realize new work styles and aim for co-creation by interacting with local people. Another recent opening in Yamanashi is a good example of Sunstar’s commitment to create healthy and sustainable workplaces for all.

What is the Good Design Award

The Good Design Award has been widely known along with the symbol mark “G Mark” since its inception in 1957. Furthermore, in an increasingly complex society, we support people who find potential in design and aim to create a society in which each of us can live affluently and creatively.

Overview of “Sunstar Communication Park”

■ Address: 7-1 Aketa-cho, Takatsuki-shi, Osaka

■ Number of facility employees: Approximately 400

■ Site area: 18,341.12㎡

■ Building area: 2,672.27㎡ (total floor area 7,012.23㎡)

■ Each facility:

Offices: Offices of Sunstar Group companies

Facilities for the general public: Lawn open space, garden, experience showroom, history introduction corner of Takatsuki, Sunstar cafe / restaurant supervised by Kenko Dojo (capacity of 100 seats), communication hall (capacity of up to 150 people), consumer monitor Room

From the left, Takatsuki / Sunstar history introduction corner, cafe / restaurant supervised by Kenko Dojo, lawn open space