We are supporting Humanitarian Help in Ukraine

02 March 2022

As more than half a million refugees have fled the country following the invasion of Ukraine, relief organizations are mounting emergency response efforts to help those in need. We are supporting humanitarian help in Ukraine and Neighboring Countries through the Red Cross or the Red Crescent.

In coordination with the Sunstar branch in Poland, we will donate over 30’000 oral care products to the Polish Red Cross for the refugees from Ukraine. In the coming weeks, we will also donate over 40’000 toothbrushes from our production site in Germany.

Besides the product’s contribution, Sunstar will also be donating to the International Red Cross in Switzerland. We are encouraging Sunstar employees to donate too and we will match 100% of all employees’ contributions made in Europe to support the relief efforts.

We are deeply saddened and concerned about the recent events in Ukraine and our hearts go to all of those suffering the terror of war everywhere.

How Can You Help?

Donations to the Red Cross or Red Crescent or any other aid organizations will support the humanitarian efforts to help those affected by the terrible events in Ukraine. Find more information on how to help below:

International Red Cross




Save the Children