Catch the latest Let’s Talk Oral Health episode: the Systemic approach with Prof Carra

09 Mayo 2024

A new episode of Let’s Talk Oral Health is now available. Building on a 360º approach to periodontal and peri-implant diseases, Rachel Chau, Senior Manager at Sunstar Oral Health’s Scientific Affairs team, sits down with Prof Maria Clotilde Carra, Professor of Periodontology at the University Paris Cité in France, to discuss optimizing systemic health for oral disease prevention.

Understanding the Role of Systemic Health in Oral Disease Prevention

In a recent episode of the educational series “Let’s Talk Oral Health,” Professor Maria Clotilde Carra delves into the critical role systemic health plays in preventing oral diseases. Recognized by the World Health Organization, oral health is not isolated but a reflection of our overall health.

Key Factors in Oral Health Management

Preventive Strategies for Healthier Lives

Professor Carra’s emphasis on prevention stresses the importance of primordial prevention, especially when preparing patients for dental treatments like implants. Primary prevention is also crucial for managing behaviors that negatively impact oral health.

The Interconnectedness of Systemic and Oral Health

The discussion with Professor Carra reinforces the concept that good systemic health positively influences oral health. Effective prevention strategies are key to minimizing the risk of oral diseases and achieving optimal health outcomes.

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