Top dental experts and athletes to join unique global webinar – ‘The impact of oral health on the health of athletes’

18 September 2020

Join free on 24 September, 17.00-18.00, UTC/GMT +2 hours – pre-registration required
A panel of top dental experts and athletes will join a unique global webinar on ‘The impact of oral health on the health of athletes’ on 24 September 2020 to discuss the important relationship between oral health and athletes’ performance. The webinar is being sponsored by multinational oral healthcare company, Sunstar.

Free to pre-registered visitors from around the world including (country), the webinar from 17.00-18.00 UTC/GMT +2 hours is one of the headline events at the forthcoming Virtual Dental Exhibition by CEDE for FDI World Dental Federation (FDI) from 24-26 September 2020.

Featuring some of the leading stars in sports dentistry, along with a former Olympian athlete and a dentist who is also a former member of Team GB Rowing, the panel will discuss the relationship between oral health and athletes’ performance, how sports can impact the oral health of athletes, from high energy drinks to high-contact sports, and how cavities and periodontal disease can cause inflammation and infections in the body which have a negative impact on athletic performance.

The specialist panellists are:
• Prof Ian Needleman, (moderator) FDI Sports Dentistry Task Team member, Professor of Periodontology and Evidence-Informed Healthcare – Centre for Oral Health and Performance
• Tomasz Majewski, double gold Olympic Champion in Shot Put, General Secretary of Polish Athletics (PZLA)
• Dr Zak Lee-Green, dentist and former member of Team GB Rowing
• Prof Rainer Knoeller, Head of Science, German Athletics Association
• Prof Marc Engels Deutsch, Vice President of the European Association for Sports Dentistry and consultant for the FC Metz Football Club

The latest research conducted in this area during the 2012 Olympic Games with 399 athletes found that 55% had dental cavities, 45% suffered dental erosion, 76% had periodontal disease, and more than 40% reported being ‘bothered’ by their oral health. 28% also reported an impact on the quality of life and 18% on training and performance.

Comments Dr Marzia Massignani, head of Scientific Affairs, Sunstar: “We are pleased to sponsor this unique webinar as partners with FDI for many years. We also supported the launch of the Sports Dentistry guidelines with FDI last year to draw attention to the importance of oral health for athletes, and this special webinar continues our aim to raise awareness about the importance of oral hygiene to athletes’ overall health and performance.”

Visitors can watch the webinar free of charge by simply registering in advance at, and then enter the audience and click “play” when it goes live. The webinar will also be available on-demand until October 25, while FDI’s booth at the Virtual Dental Exhibition by CEDE will include the Sports Dentistry Guidelines. A total of four guidelines are available to download addressing amateur athletes, professional athletes, dentists and sports physicians, and sports organisations. Each set of guidelines emphasises the causes and consequences of poor oral health on sports performance and gives recommendations to improve both oral health and overall well-being. These support the basic oral health recommendations of FDI for all athletes – brushing teeth twice a day, interdental cleaning and mouthwash and a dental check-up twice a year – as well as diet recommendations to maintain a healthy lifestyle.