World Earth Day 2024: discover our facility in Germany

22 April 2024

While every day should be Earth Day, today, more than ever, we reaffirm our commitment to building a more sustainable future for all.

As true believers of a holistic approach to health, understanding that general wellbeing starts in the mouth, and mind, body, and the environment play a significant role in it, we also approach sustainability from a wider perspective. We consider not only the final products we manufacture but the whole production journey it takes for us to get there.

A great example of that is our main oral care facility in Europe. Located in Germany, in the Black Forest area, our team at Sunstar Deutschland manufactures most of the interdental products for the GUM brand. Besides providing excellence in engineering, the factory leverages natural resources from the area to reduce our environmental impact.


Leveraging natural resources to power our plant

Sunstar Deutschland operates with 100% green electricity, 10% of which is generated by solar panels installed on the facility’s roof. Other facilities across Sunstar such as our headquarters in Switzerland or our main manufacturing sites in Japan also operate with renewable energy. Learn more about how we are doing with our sustainability targets

Thanks to the unique location of the German facility, the site utilizes the energy generated by the nearby river to cool down machinery, thereby reducing energy consumption.

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Proud to give back to the communities we belong to

For us, it is extremely important to support the communities and areas we are part of. The team in Germany has many initiatives in this direction, supporting reforestation with climate stable tree species which will support natural regeneration, and beekeeping in the facility grounds.

Likewise, Sunstar Deutschland makes numerous donations to the local welfare center, offers trainings to employees, and welcomes key members of the community to the facility.

The factory has earned several ISO certifications (14001, 9001, 50001). Additionally, all employees are committed to reducing the environmental footprint, serving as reduction partners and collaboratively making sustainable choices daily.


Learn more about our global sustainability efforts.