Penguin® construction materials help provide a sound living environment in high-rise buildings as well as single-family homes

Penguin Seal is a brand of sealants designed to respond not only to the needs of construction professionals, but also to the design shift from rigid to flexible structures and the proliferation of new construction methods.

Sunstar has also developed EcoCan and EcoCart. Both are innovative, eco-friendly compressible containers that facilitate the reduction of waste and recycling at construction sites.

We will continue to develop cutting-edge technologies and products that play a role in creating a more sound and healthy living environment.



Sunstar’s environmentally friendly products improve indoor air quality

Sunstar was the first in the world to develop an interior sealant to deal effectively with “sick building” syndrome caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  Penguin Indoor Seal suppresses all of the 13 chemical substances designated as indoor pollutants to levels below the guidelines established by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

In addition to these improvements to the indoor environment, Sunstar has made contributions to other industries with its pioneering technologies.  For example, Penguin Clean Seal was developed to minimize the formation of chemical substances in cleanrooms at production facilities.

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