• Innovation Spotlight

    G・U・M PLAY – a new oral care experience where brushing becomes effective and fun

    G・U・M PLAY is an innovative digital device that attaches to a regular toothbrush and connects to a smartphone, detecting brushing activity and turning it into something enjoyable. Through its speed sensor the device sends the brushing movements to the smartphone over Bluetooth in real time. It analyzes the tooth brushing movement and offers guidance on how to brush teeth correctly with various functions. Tooth brushing becomes visual, providing a more effective and fun oral care experience.

    Currently available in Japan

  • Innovation Spotlight

    Miracle Catch – toothbrush bristles that capture tooth surface plaque

    Miracle Catch bristles have been developed to effectively remove impurities on the tooth surface. With a special grinder that has a blade resembling a sickle, the bristles of the filament are caught at high speed, splitting them even more finely. The split bristles of the toothbrush are tightly packed into a bundle, thus removing plaque successfully and giving a unique, gentle brushing experience.

    Currently available in Japan

  • Innovation Spotlight

    BUTLER® GrindCare® takes grinding care to the next level

    We believe that a good night’s sleep is among the most important factors to improve quality-of-life. Teeth grinding and clenching – bruxism – is often responsible for poor sleep and many other health problems such as tooth damage, facial pain and headaches.

    The GrindCare device offers a new way to manage sleep bruxism. It is equipped with an ergonomic wireless sensor designed to stay comfortably attached to your temple. When the sensor detects bruxism, it emits mild electrical impulses that trigger a signal to relax the jaw muscles, thereby reducing bruxism. This innovative treatment is based on a patented approach to bruxism called Contingent Electrical Stimulation (CES).

    Currently available in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

  • Innovation Spotlight

    Shin-shin Kenko Dojo – a place to make holistic health care a reality

    Believing that people who work in a health-related business should be healthy, Sunstar opened the welfare facility “Sunstar Shin-shin Kenko Dojo” (Sunstar Holistic Health Care Center) for employees. Here, lifestyle habits are reviewed to achieve genuine well-being through a brown rice and vegetable diet, meditation, exercises, and the hot & cold bath method.

    Through holistic health care covering nutrition, body, and mind, the natural healing power of the participants is enhanced, and positive results have been obtained. Since last year, Sunstar has started offering health programs to experience the Kenko Dojo Holistic Health Care Center, which includes rebalancing exercises and lifestyle habit lectures. All participants have found the program to be beneficial.

    Currently available in Japan

  • Innovation Spotlight

    Rice bran snacks having “second meal effects” co-created with diabetic patients

    Aiming to improve the quality-of-life of people with diabetes, Sunstar focused on one of their worries — not being able to stop snacking between meals. This led to the concept of snacks with second meal effects. In other words, snacks to be eaten between meals when hungry so as to suppress the rise of post-prandial blood glucose.

    Together with the community members of the “Living Well with Diabetes” website, we were able to find a better direction and understand their needs by having them try the prototype snacks. The resulting products have a satiating and bowel movement effect unlike other snacks usually consumed, and were successfully launched.

    Currently available in Japan

  • Innovation Spotlight

    EQUITANCE e-treatment – home aesthetic care for aging hair

    Zinc decreases with age, and Sunstar discovered that this is the main factor causing hair to be less strong and elastic. Thus we developed a new technology to permeate zinc into hair. This generated the creation of a hair treatment incorporating mineral Z, which replenishes zinc, with gloss and moisturizing effects. The hair treatment is applied through a spraying beauty device equipped with a permeating enhancer technology e-boost system®. Sunstar was able to devise a home aesthetic hair care for shinier, stronger hair for adults with just one application of the treatment.

    Currently available in Japan

  • Innovation Spotlight

    Window glass adhesives for luxury cars

    Sunstar developed a highly elastic Penguin Seal adhesive to glue the automotive body with the window glass, and began selling it to car manufacturers and the aftermarket. The handling ability while driving is related to the body’s torsional rigidity, as well as the front and window glass adhesives. This highly elastic adhesive helped improve the handling response and contributed to unprecedented agility and stable driving, a differentiating factor for luxury cars from regular cars.

    This product is not intended for consumer purchasing. Availability depends on market.

  • Innovation Spotlight

    High heat resistant and stable brake disks that have been selected for the world's top races

    Race team riders do not compromise on brake performance, and brake disks need to be stable even at over 600°C. Sunstar's integrated material development, design, evaluation, and manufacturing ensure both safety and performance. We guarantee materials with heat-resistance, uniform temperature distribution, and calculated structural design so as to ensure absolute trust in our products.

    These products are not intended for consumer purchasing. Availability depends on market.


We are continuously engaged in pioneering research using the latest technologies — and have been for over 80 years

The foundation of Sunstar’s business growth is research processes that focus on developing new and innovative products. At Sunstar, we are continuously engaged in pioneering research using the newest technologies, including participation in joint research projects with world-famous research institutions.

Our researchers are cultivating innovative technologies and developing technical abilities in biotechnology, nanotechnology, polymer chemistry, metal working and other cutting-edge areas. Sunstar’s vision, supported by innovative research and development, will play a great role in developing future businesses.

Sunstar’s research covers three areas: Mouth & Body, Health & Beauty, and Safety & Environment. This strategy supports Holistic Health Care — our 360° approach to total well-being. Find out more

In close collaboration with industry experts, we are working to prolong humans’ healthy lifespan through research, product development, academia support, and health awareness education activities

Message from the expert

Robert J. Genco, DDS, PhD

SUNY Distinguished Professor of Oral Biology and Microbiology Vice Provost University at Buffalo Office of Science, Technology Transfer and Economic Outreach

Sunstar has played a major role in the study of the relationship between oral and general health. It began in 1986 when President Hiroo Kaneda presented his visionary concept that oral diseases were intimately associated with systemic diseases. Since then, many in the research community have investigated the role of periodontal disease and its relationship to systemic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, low-weight births, and respiratory diseases. In recognition of the importance of these studies, several major symposia and workshops supported by Sunstar have been held.

Sunstar has clearly played an important role, facilitating the study of oral and general health and publishing the proceedings of these conferences.

R&D Videos

Educational activities to promote importance of oral health and
enhance the research about association between oral health and systemic health

  • Cell-to-cell communication: Oral health and general health, sponsored by Sunstar

    Cell-to-cell Communication

    Oral health and systemic health — the interlink between periodontitis and diabetes. Supported by Sunstar.

  • Sunstar JSDEI Call to Action - Frankfurt to Barcelona

    Sunstar JSDEI Call to Action — Frankfurt to Barcelona

    This video features the JSDEI seminar held in Frankfurt in November 2014 demonstrating the importance of the holistic approach in treating patients, considering the link between oral and systemic health.

  • UNC Perio 2017 Expo supported by Sunstar

    UNC Perio 2017 Expo supported by Sunstar

    The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Dentistry held the international symposium about periodontology that highlighted the progress made over the past 20 years as well as future prospects within the field with association between oral and systemic health.

We share latest research findings in worldwide seminars in partnership with the Joslin Diabetes Center

Sunstar provides education and public awareness seminars in partnership with the world-famous Joslin Diabetes Center, affiliated with Harvard Medical School.

The R&D efforts of Sunstar researchers over many years have been reported at academic conferences and published in leading journals