Research Projects

Collaboration with ACTA

Sunstar has partnered with ACTA for over 15 years to pursue research in the mouth & body field. At the moment, we are working on three investigation lines: periodontal disease and its link with overall health, and prevention of oral health conditions.

Collaboration with University of Tokyo

For almost 5 years, Sunstar has worked with the University of Tokyo into the Oral Frailty concept. Oral function is essential to preserve an optimal state of our body; therefore, ignoring this decline can worsen our overall well-being and speed up our ageing.

Collaboration with Universita degli studi di Pisa

With the Universita degli studi di Pisa we are running clinical studies on the effect of periodontal treatment in subjects presenting systemic chronic co-morbidities such as diabetes and obesity.

Collaboration with Shizuoka Cancer Center

Sunstar has worked with the leading cancer center in Japan for many years, particularly in the research of oral cancer.

Collaboration with Joslin Diabetes Center

Sunstar partnered with the worldwide leading diabetes care center for more than 15 years to raise awareness about the existing bidirectional relationship between periodontitis and diabetes.

Collaboration with University at Buffalo

For over 30 years, Sunstar has closely worked with the University at Buffalo to unlock the many implications periodontal disease has on our general health. Currently, we have two projects ongoing: prevention of periodontal disease and the role of the microbiome in developing periodontal disease.

Collaboration with Gothenburg University

We closely worked with the Gothenburg University to develop a material that could help us regenerate the bone and save the teeth. As a result, we came up with the GUIDOR membrane, which we have been commercializing through our professional brand: GUIDOR.