Special Feature: Promoting Healthy Lifestyles in the New Normal

Forever championing oral health as a path to good health overall

Aging populations around the world are having ramifications for society as more people suffer from multiple conditions in later life, resulting in an escalation of medical and nursing care expenses. Extending healthy life expectancy is therefore a global challenge. Given that lifestyle diseases cause a large proportion of deaths among the elderly, increasing health knowledge and awareness and encouraging people to adopt healthy lifestyles will be vital in achieving this goal.

The Sunstar Group has supported healthier lifestyles over the years through its business in areas such as oral care, health food, skin care, and hair care. This includes over three decades of assistance for academic research worldwide into the connection between gum disease and systemic diseases and the holding of more than 20 related symposiums around the world bringing together experts from medical and dental fields.

These efforts to gain greater scientific understanding of the connection between gum disease and systemic diseases have generated widespread awareness of the role oral hygiene has to play in maintaining good overall health. In recent years, we have also been working to raise awareness about prevention of oral frailty as maintaining oral functions can help slow down aging.
An overarching concept for these activities, with more and more people living to the age of 100, and the message we are spreading is that good oral care is vital if we still hope to eat with our own teeth after 100 years.

Highlighting the importance of oral health during the COVID-19 pandemic

The novel coronavirus disease COVID-19 spread to all corners of the globe in 2020, forcing upon people new ways of life, including strict hygiene habits and restrictions on movements. We have therefore focused on communicating information on how to stay healthy amid the changing circumstances, particularly about the importance of oral care and improving the air quality in indoor environments where people gather.

Activities to support medical workers, keep employees healthy, and maintain product supply

The Sunstar Group has been supporting medical workers at the frontline of the fight against COVID-19 around the world by providing items such as oral care products, hand creams, and hair care products. We have also worked to keep our global workforce safe and healthy while promoting work from home and other measures to allow the continuation of stable business operations and a stable supply of products and services.

In addition to these awareness-raising activities, we will continue to team up in collaboration and partnership with experts in medical and dental fields to develop and supply new products and services for even further promotion of oral and overall health.