Stakeholder Engagement

The Sunstar Group has set “partnerships” as a priority aspect of its Long-Term Vision. We vow to form close relationships and work hand-in-hand with customers, members of the local community, experts in various fields, business partners, and others, forming excellent partnerships through the proactive disclosure of information and by helping solve issues in society.

Stakeholder Engagement

Listening to the voices of our stakeholders

Shareholders, investors, management advisors

  • “Please strive to become a sustainable company by responding to changes in the business environment, such as advances in AI and DX, aging population, infectious diseases, global affairs, and climate change, and by building a sound management structure.”
  • “Regarding the execution of ESG management, please take concrete actions to accelerate the creation of new businesses that address concerning issues for society such as health and environment-related matters, and leverage younger employees’ expertise to execute them.”


  • “I am satisfied with the efficacy and quality of Sunstar’s oral care products, but we should work towards simplifying the packaging and introducing more reusable options, to help reduce the amount of household waste.”

Governments, business partners

  • We would like to see the development of new businesses and products that combine economic efficiency with solutions to social issues such as carbon neutrality, resource recycling, and reducing medical costs due to the aging of society, as well as the promotion of industry-academia-government and inter-company collaboration.


  • “While I am proud of the progress made in creating a better work environment, I would like to see more discussion and action between management and employees on business development to create the future of the company.”

“We are committed to creating new businesses and building a sound management structure that helps solving social issues while sincerely listening to the voices of these stakeholders and nurturing an active dialogue and collaboration.”

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