Social Contribution

Policy and Approach

The Sunstar Group helps to create healthy, safe and comfortable lives for people in all countries and regions where it carries out business activities by building excellent partnerships with local communities as a good corporate citizen.

Regional Initiatives

Support for Japanese culture through the Nihon Shodo Bijutsuin (Calligraphic Art Institute) Nisshoten Exhibition (Asia, Japan)

Every year, Sunstar presents the “Sunstar International Award,” the top award, at the Nisshoten Exhibition hosted by the Nihon Shodo Bijutsuin (Calligraphic Art Institute), the most authoritative organization for Japanese calligraphy. In October 2017, the Nihon Shodo Bijutsuin, Sunstar and the Embassy of Japan in Singapore hosted the 70th Nisshoten Exhibition Commemorative Exhibition in Singapore. Over the duration of this exhibition, a range of calligraphy performances and workshops were held throughout Singapore. Sunstar was proud to lend its support for this major event promoting Japanese culture.

Getting acquainted with the local community through local festivals (Japan)

The Tokushima Plant, which produces toothbrushes, cosmetics and other products, has taken part in the Awa-odori Dance Festival under the group name “Sunstar-ren” every August since the plant’s completion in 1987. The event is a chance for workers at the Tokushima Plant, their families and members of the local community to enjoy good times with a program that includes Awa-odori dance lessons for local children. Sunstar-ren also performs its Awa-odori dance at the Takatsuki Festival in Osaka, location of the Takatsuki Plant, which produces oral care products. The Yamanashi Plant, which produces building materials, automotive adhesives and other products, takes part in the Shingen-ko Festival, a traditional event with a long history.

(All festivals in FY2020 were cancelled to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.)

Raising awareness about the connection between diabetes
and periodontal disease (Global)

Sunstar is working to raise awareness about the connection between diabetes and periodontal disease amongst health care professionals and patient organizations in several countries. We collaborate with dental associations and medical institutions to conduct events on World Diabetes Day that raise awareness about the connection between diabetes and oral health, and we promote awareness through educational TV programs and social media.

Employees in various countries work to bring joy to children (Global)

Employees work together to deliver toys, daily necessities, food, etc., to local support organizations and facilities as part of Sunstar’s efforts to support the healthy and happy life of children.