Customer Relations

Policy and Approach

In accordance with our corporate motto of “Always striving to help people everywhere achieve better health and enhance their quality-of-life,” and the notion of “Be passionately consumer-focused,” the first of our Fundamental Management Principles, we strive to be the kind of company which gains the trust of customers and continues to be their preferred choice. To do so, we will: 1. Listen carefully to what each and every customer has to say and provide them with useful information in a polite, appropriate and prompt manner in the hope of improving customer satisfaction; and 2. Share feedback from customers within the Group to help improve products and services.

Major Initiatives

Customer Feedback (Japan)

In FY2022, the Customer Help Desk received around 20,400 instances of feedback. The breakdown by product category was 73% oral care, 8% hair care, 7% food products, 4% skin care, 4% household, and 4% other. Looking at the gender composition by age group, there was an increase in the ratio of feedback from men aged over 60. The inquiries indicate that both men and women are becoming more aware of their oral and general health in preparation for the 100-year age of life.

Sunstar practices “quality management” and strives to provide safe and high-quality products that customers can use with peace of mind.

Results of Customer Satisfaction Survey (Japan)

Seeking improvements to our customer service, the Customer Help Desk regularly conducts customer satisfaction surveys for customers who contacted us. We aim to achieve a satisfaction level of 85% or above. After analyzing previous results and taking measures to make improvements, the satisfaction level in FY2022 was 89% (satisfied and mostly satisfied). In addition, we received 96% satisfaction (good and somewhat good) in terms of response and language usage, and received comments of praise. We will continue aiming to be a Customer Help Desk that listens to individual customer’s feedback in an effort to further meet their expectations.

Giving Shape to Customer Feedback (Japan)

In response to growing environmental awareness, we have received many requests for dental rinse refill products, and have launched a pump-type “Gum Dental Rinse 960mL” with a refill bottle without a pump. This product reduces the amount of plastic used per pump by approximately 30%.*1 We are incorporating customer feedback into our product development.

*1 Achieved by replacing the pump from the main bottle to the refill bottle for repeated use.