Employee Relations

Policy and Approach

Sunstar Group companies and employees shall endeavor to behave according to high standards of ethical conduct. The Guiding Principles for Employees were established as the basic philosophy for carrying out work duties. The Sunstar Code of Conduct (available in Japanese, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian), states basic requirements for performance of duties and employees must conduct themselves accordingly.

Main contents of the Sunstar Code of Conduct

  • Explanation of corporate philosophy
  • Boldly approach your work with a strong sense of mission
  • Perform your work with a positive attitude, acting respectfully and professionally at all times
  • Strive to study continuously to strengthen your abilities and broaden your knowledge
  • Act with a challenging spirit and cultivate your creative power
  • Work together in the spirit of harmony and cooperation
  • Trust others and earn their trust
  • Endeavor to improve your health and overall wellness
  • Value the support you receive from others and reciprocate with gratitude
  • Code of conduct for members of the Board of Directors
  • Responsibilities toward employees, customers, consumers, and business partners
  • Financial and business obligations
  • Environment, health and safety

Sunstar Group Employees by Area
(as of June 2020).

The Sunstar Group has 3,860 employees working in 20 countries
Breaking this down, 47% work in Japan, 22% in Asia, 13% in Europe, and 18% in the Americas.

Health Promotion

The Sunstar Group works to promote good health among employees, delivering the message below to our global workforce in line with a basic policy of health promotion for employees indicated in our corporate motto, Guiding Principles for Employees, and Sunstar Group Long-Term Vision 2032.

Regional Initiatives

Health management centering on health guidance camps at Sunstar Mind-Body Kenkodojo (Japan)

Not only do we provide employees with comprehensive annual health check-ups, dental examinations, and follow-up care by doctors, public health nurses and dental hygienists, we also run health guidance camps at the Sunstar Mind-Body Kenkodojo in-house welfare facility for new employees and those requiring specific health guidance.

Development of Human Resources(Policy and Approach)

We believe the key to success as an organization is partnership between management and employees whereby everyone bears an equal obligation to devote their full energy to achieving goals, whatever the results of those endeavors may be. With this in mind, we make every effort to ensure safe and sound working environments, places where employees can thrive and improve their personal skills and abilities. In addition, we have adopted a fair performance-based remuneration system that gives both employees and the organization certainty about their own achievements over time.

Outstanding ideas that stimulate growth only come about because of the tireless efforts of employees around the world, who are constantly on the lookout for new technologies, business opportunities and business methods.

We analyze current and future trends in consumer needs, hopes, ambitions and behavioral patterns and translate them into valuable information that generates business. We respect the diversity of each and every individual and work to build vibrant workplaces where everyone can flourish, utilizing and honing their skills to help steer the company along a path of growth.

Regional Initiatives

Sunstar Global Four Awards (Global)

Every year, we present awards to Sunstar Group employees across the world in recognition of activities that have made a significant contribution to the Group’s growth or corporate value based on an understanding of our corporate culture, philosophy and management policy. The aim of this initiative is to nurture ingenuity among employees and encourage them to become involved in the company’s management.

Measures to promote self-development (Japan)

Measures we have put in place to encourage employees to cultivate their skills through self-development include support for remote learning courses, Sunstar College, assistance for TOEIC English language proficiency tests, and assistance for qualification attainment. Sunstar College is a training program run as a forum for learning inside the Sunstar Group. It serves as an opportunity for veteran employees to share their wisdom and experience with upcoming generations of employees by formalizing tacit knowledge acquired over the years as lectures.

Support Menu Contents and Assistance System


Remote Learning

Recommending learning courses
Paying fee for one course per year


Sunstar College

Employees share expertise and experience
Transfer of business know-how



Paying fees for two exams per year


Qualification Test

Encouragement to acquire
qualifications useful for work
Exam fee assistance (up to 5,000 yen)

Global trainee scheme (Japan)

We run practical training programs at overseas facilities to help young employees get a better sense of their career plan and set in motion. Participants deepen their knowledge of what their work entails and learn skills they need to become human resources on the global stage, such as communication skills, the ability to cope in different cultural environments, business skills, and leadership. The aim is to develop human resources capable of advancing Sunstar Group business in the future.

Diversity and Equal Opportunities(Policy and Approach)

We will provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and job applicants, supporting each and every individual with thorough policies and ongoing efforts to ensure equality in the workplace. We do not tolerate any discrimination on the basis of race, color of skin, religion, gender, age, nationality, citizenship, disabilities, or marital status. We also demand the same standards from our customers and business partners. Sunstar complies with all applicable laws that guarantee equal employment opportunities and the elimination of discrimination in the employment.

Global Female Employee and Manager Ratios

Women make up 40% of our total global workforce. The percentage of management positions filled by women stands at 22%.

All employees


Regional Initiatives

Effort to diversify workstyle
(Europe, Asia, Japan)

Sunstar is promoting employee wellbeing and workstyles innovation – for example recommending work-from-home once a week, setting flexible work schedules during the summer time, and more. In Switzerland, Singapore, and Japan, we are promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion for example by providing specific training opportunities for all.

Diversity and inclusion workshop (Japan)

Respect of diverse values(Asia)

At Sunstar, we work to honor diversity and respect different customs and values. In Indonesia, we have a prayer room within the office for Muslim employees. We have also established buildings equipped with a multi-purpose room, which can be used both as prayer room and as a meeting room.


Prayer room/meeting room built in Indonesia in 2019

Labor-management councils and roundtable conferences (Global)

In Japan, we hold regular meetings intended to foster cooperation between labor and management and encourage inclusive company management in which everyone plays a part. During these meetings, participants discuss solutions to business challenges and ways to improve workplaces.

We have similar frameworks in other countries to match systems specific to those nations.

Creating a workplace to increase employee productivity and happiness(Policy and Approach)

We will strengthen our sense of unity and build a robust business foundation by transcending individual positions and roles, as well as nationality, customs and language, to collectively pursue the goals of the Group while engaging in free and frank communication, oriented toward learning what we can from the world and expressing it in our own action. Management will make every effort to enhance workplaces to foster a strong atmosphere of trust where we come together as partners.

Regional Initiatives

Implementation of flexible work styles, including work from home (Global)

To enhance employee well-being and raise work productivity, we apply a variety of work styles, including flexible work hours and working from home.

Employee assistance programs
(Europe, Americas)

We provide support, counseling, referrals and resources for issues that impact the lives of employees and their families in Europe and the Americas. In addition, seminars and webinars have been conducted on a range of topics including diversity and inclusion, conflict resolution, managing workplace stress and other work/life issues.