Quality Management

To achieve the mid-term business visions and business plans of each business group in accordance with its corporate philosophy, the Sunstar Group Long-Term Vision, and Global Quality Policies , the Sunstar Group administers quality management systems while seeking to enhance the capabilities of employees and the quality of management. This allows Sunstar to address the relevant risks and opportunities as one team and work to improve customer satisfaction in providing products and services that comply with laws and regulations.

Sunstar Global Quality Policies

Sunstar group acts in the spirits of the corporate motto and commits to quality by:

  • Providing safe and beneficial products and services that fully meet the requirements and expectations of our customers worldwide.
  • Ensuring compliance to all applicable regulatory requirements and effectively managing the processes that create value for our customers.

Management Organization

Our global quality and regulatory/pharmaceutical organization is based in Switzerland. Sunstar quality and regulatory/pharmaceutical professionals from all over the world are regrouping on a regular basis. On a business and regional level, quality and regulatory/pharmaceutical challenges are shared globally, for example through periodic online meetings with Global Headquarters, and addressed on a short/mid/long term basis through quality improvement initiatives at all levels of Sunstar Group.

Quality and Environmental Management System Certification

Group Entities ISO9001 ISO13485 IATF16949 ISO14001

Sunstar Europe SA


Sunstar Interbros GmbH


Sunstar Engineering Europe GmbH


Sunstar Americas Inc.


Sunstar Engineering Americas Inc.


Sunstar Singapore Pte. Ltd.


Sunstar Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


Sunstar Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


PT. Sunstar Engineering Indonesia


Sunstar Guangzhou Ltd


Sunstar Inc.


Sunstar Engineering Inc.


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