Supply Chain Management

Policy and Approach

The Sunstar Group contributes to the development of a harmonious society and planet through its diverse business activities.
In purchasing activities, we endeavor to fulfill our social responsibility through compliance with laws, ordinances and social norms, and due consideration toward environmental conservation, safety, and other issues.

As the scope of our activities spreads extends across the world, we strive to form two-way partnerships with business partners, engaging in procurement based on fair and honest transactions while upholding environmental considerations and our social obligations at the global level.

Before entering or renewing transactions with business partners, we not only examine their track record in terms of quality, delivery, cost, technology, and other aspects, but also make an overall evaluation based, for example, on their commitment to ongoing improvements and stance environmental conservation and social responsibility. We also regularly request cooperation with social responsibility surveys and environmental conservation checklists. The Sunstar Group promotes responsible procurement, prioritizing companies with an outstanding social and environmental record.

Sunstar Group Basic Procurement Policy

The Sunstar Group shall engage in fair and honest purchasing activities in compliance with laws, ordinances and social norms.
In support of a sustainable society, we shall endeavor to fulfill our social responsibility, giving due consideration to environmental conservation, human rights, and other issues.

1. Compliance with laws, ordinances and social norms
In procurement activities,we shall conduct our business in compliance with related laws,ordinances and social norms

2. Fairness and honesty
In procurement activities, we shall engage in business transactions where there are fair and honest opportunities for competition from a global perspective,while pursuing improvements in quality, cost and delivery.

3. Environmental conservation
In procurement activities, we shall work with business partners to address any environmental impact based on an understanding of the importance of environmental conservation.

4. Building of mutually beneficial relationships
We shall uphold the confidentiality of information from business partners and work to build mutually beneficial relationships of trust.

5. Contribution to society
Throughout procurement activities,we shall seek to contribute to society,placing importance on ties with business partners, customers,employees, and local communities.

The Value Chain and Sustainability—Initiatives and Challenges

Regional Initiatives

Sunstar Open Innovation Challenge (Japan)

Starting in the oral care field, we have been holding ongoing open innovation sessions (explanatory meetings about technological needs).

Technology exchanges (Japan)

We strive for mutual growth alongside suppliers and hold technology exchanges with the aim of expanding the business operations of both parties based on a principle of prosperous coexistence.

Eco and labor friendly logistics (Japan)

We strive to reduce CO2 emissions through joint logistics activities with other companies enabling efficient transportation routes and improved loading efficiency.

Employee training (Japan)

Purchasing personnel run education programs on CSR/CSV procurement, starting with study sessions on the Subcontract Act.