Total well-being needs a 360° approach to health care

Total well-being needs a 360° approach to health care

Sunstar believes that to be truly healthy in body and mind, we must take care of ourselves holistically.

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Pioneering research powers innovation at Sunstar

We are continuously engaged in research with the latest technologies across three areas: Mouth & Body, Health & Beauty, and Safety & Environment.

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Working in collaboration with leading medical professionals

This film, supported by Sunstar and produced by Quintessence Publishing with specialist input by an international team of experts, illustrates how periodontitis and other inflammatory processes of the oral cavity may contribute to systemic conditions such as atherosclerosis or diabetes.

Cell-To-Cell Communication – Oral Health And Systemic Health: The Interlink Between Periodontitis And Diabetes. Supported by Sunstar. Produced by Quintessence International Publishing Group| iAS interActive Systems. Available in multiple languages.

Creating products to help people lead
healthier, happier lives

  • Mouth
    & Body
  • Health
    & Beauty
  • Healthy Living
  • Safety
    & High Technology

Sustaining a healthy body
through a healthy mouth

Research-based oral care products for a healthier mouth.

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Mouth & Body

Strengthening the body’s
own power to live a healthy
& beautiful life

Innovative products based on the latest progressive research.

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Health & Beauty

Providing a Safe &
Living Environment

Improving indoor quality and safety with advanced products.

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Healthy Living Environment

Producing high value-added
motorcycle parts & industrial

Specialized industrial products and motorcycle parts.

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Safety & High Technology

Innovating for over 80 years

From our headquarters in Switzerland, we’re on a mission to help people everywhere achieve better health and enhance their quality-of-life.

Our origins date back to 1932 as a manufacturer of bicycle parts and glue for repairing flat tires. By packaging toothpaste in the metal tube containers used for the glue, we expanded into the Oral Care sector and the rest is history.

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Working as one global team

Working as one global team

The Sunstar Group offers an attractive, creative work environment in which each and every employee can reach their full potential.

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Helping others around the world

Recent CSR Activities
WHO Donations to Rwanda in 2015-2016

Helping others around
the world

For many years, Sunstar has been helping people around the world become healthier by contributing our knowledge, skills, and resources.

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Helping others around the world

Recent CSR Activities
WHO Donations to Rwanda in 2015-2016