Pioneering research using the latest technologies for over 90 years

Research is fundamental for Sunstar’s efforts to develop products and solutions that help people everywhere achieve better health and enhance their quality-of-life.

Our Research Fields

Sunstar’s research covers three areas: Mouth & Body, Health & Beauty, and Safety & Environment.
This strategy supports Holistic Health Care - our 360° approach to total well-being.

Mouth & Body

Taking care of the health of our mouth can improve the health of our body and contribute to a better quality-of-life. This is why our research efforts focus on innovative solutions that promote optimal oral health.

Health & Beauty

To help people live healthy lives, our skin care, hair care and healthy foods are based on the latest progressive research to engage the human body’s natural healing power.

Safety & Environment

Sunstar has always had a strong focus on research to develop adhesives, sealants and coating materials used in building and automobile manufacturing.

Research Projects

For our scientific activities, we collaborate with world-leading universities and research institutes, positioning ourselves at the forefront of innovation.

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Grants & Award Opportunities

Sunstar is dedicated to being involved in pioneering research. Through several research grants and awards, we aim to stimulate and support scientists to carry out ground-breaking research that can help people everywhere improve their health and quality-of-life.

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Educational partners

Sunstar’s effort to prolong the healthy lifespan of people all over the world is boosted by close collaboration with our educational partners through product development, academia support and health awareness educational activities.

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R&D Network

Sunstar has established itself as a global expert in several research fields. Find out where our research facilities are located.

  • U.S.A.:
  • Our two plants in Schaumburg and Springboro focus the research efforts on the Mouth & Body and Safety Support & High Technology fields.
  • Switzerland:
  • Our two R&D centers in Schlieren and Etoy are focused on the Mouth & Body field, in particular, research on oral care solutions.
  • Germany:
  • Our two facilities in Schönau and Rain provide research across Mouth & Body, and Safety Support & High Technology.
  • Italy:
  • Our R&D department in Limbiate is focused on improving our Safety Support & High Technology Solutions.
  • Singapore:
  • Our three facilities in Singapore provide research across Mouth & Body, Health & Beauty, Healthy Living Environment, Safety Support & High Technology.
  • Thailand:
  • Our two plants in Samutprakam focus on our Safety Support & High Technology solutions.
  • Indonesia:
  • Our facility in West Java provides research on Safety Support & High Technology.
  • China:
  • Our facility in Guangzhou provides research for both our consumer and industrial solutions.
  • Japan:
  • Our seven facilities in Shiga, Yamanashi, Shizuoka, Osaka Niigata and Tokyo provide research across Mouth & Body, Health & Beauty, Healthy Living Environment, Safety Support & High Technology.

R&D Stories

Pioneering research powers innovation at Sunstar. We are continuously engaged in research with the latest technologies across three areas: Mouth & Body, Health & Beauty, and Safety & Environment.