Our 360° approach to total well-being

Holistic Health Care provides a connected approach across every aspect of daily life. As our company name reflects, Sunstar supports you throughout the day, from the morning sun to the night-time stars.


From the mouth to the whole body

At Sunstar, we know that taking care of the health of our mouths can improve the health of our bodies and contribute to a better quality-of-life. Based on this new way of thinking, we promote a healthy lifestyle through innovative solutions supported by scientific research.


Rebalancing the body and mind

Sunstar believes that nutrition, exercise, and the mind are intertwined and essential to well-being. Our health management approach nurtures a healthy mind and body, improving lifestyle habits from both the outside and from within.


Encouraging active lifestyles

To maintain physical and mental well-being, we need to step out of our homes and explore the world. Sunstar’s mobility products facilitate social interaction and help everyone, from sports enthusiasts to the
mobility-challenged, to embark on new adventures.


Healthier living environments

A healthy lifestyle starts with living in a safe and comfortable home. Our interior care products reduce toxins and allergens from living environments, creating cleaner atmospheres for families and happier homes all day long.


Preparing for tomorrow

A soothing bedtime routine followed by a comfortable night’s sleep allows restorative rest for the body and mind, so you wake feeling and looking refreshed. Sunstar’s products and services support you around the clock, contributing to your total well-being.

Total well-being requires
a holistic approach

Sunstar sees total well-being as many different elements coming together as one. That’s why we believe that to be truly healthy in body and mind, we must take care of ourselves holistically. Our diverse products and services all have a common thread: to help people lead healthier and happier lives. This is our vision of Holistic Health Care.

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