Sunstar re-launches its English-language website to meet growing global needs

20 April 2008

Tokyo, April 21, 2008 – Sunstar will re-launch its English-language website on April 21, 2008. This renewed website aims to better inform users around the world about many key aspects of Sunstar as it is striving to further its growth and development as a global company. Sunstar expects this renewed website to become a powerful new communication tool. We hope it will also play the role of being a gateway to Sunstar’s various local websites being run by Sunstar companies in different national settings.

On the new website’s top page, color symbols that stand for the company’s four distinctive business fields are arranged together next to the image of the globe. Moreover, by adding a flash animation feature, we have made accessing the site easier and friendlier.

The overall site design is accented using Sunstar’s blue corporate color and features a simple page layout and concise explanatory text, all produced to highlight and enhance Sunstar’s corporate image so that the company can deepen its relationship of trust with all of its customers.

In the near future, we expect that this renewed website will play an increasingly important part in further promoting Sunstar’s corporate image, and it will motivate many viewers to click on the links to the websites of Sunstar’s diverse group companies in the main world business regions.

Overall configuration of the site:
The contents are organized into three key parts: About Sunstar, Products and Global Network.

About Sunstar:
Through offering information about Sunstar’s basic management philosophy, four distinctive business fields, highlights of the company’s seven-decade history, careers, research-and-development activities and CSR policies, we aim to deepen understanding of Sunstar’s role as a global company.

This section is devoted to explaining Sunstar’s four distinctive business fields of Mouth & Body Care, Health & Beauty Care, Environment & Amenity and Safety Support & High Technology. It introduces the unique products that Sunstar is developing as global brands.

Global Network:
You will find contact information here for each of the Sunstar Group companies located in 17 countries in the world’s four main business regions: The Americas, Europe, Asia (including China and Southeast Asia) and Japan.

We are committed to striving to maintain the high quality of this renewed Global Site and will keep upgrading its contents.

Change of URLs
The URL of the renewed version of the Global Site will be:
With the start-up of this new global English-language website, the previously used URL for the Japanese-language site will be changed, as of April 21, 2008, to

Anticipating our long-term vision of establishing local websites in each country in which Sunstar Group companies are active, we identify the currently existing country sites in the sub-domain (for example, Japan will be: jp).

Those who wish to access the Japanese-language site should change the setting of their computers’ Bookmarks, Favorites or any other related URLs.

After April 21, 2008, when you access, you will be able to select either the Japanese-language site or the renewed Global Site on its “Notice of URL Change” page.

We hope that you will find Sunstar’s renewed Global Site a place to encounter interesting and useful information in English about many essential aspects of Sunstar.

Outline of the Sunstar Group
Sunstar was originally founded in 1932. The company began as a manufacturer and marketer of rubber adhesives for bicycles. Over the next few decades Sunstar expanded its operations to include the manufacture and marketing of a wide-range of oral-care, hair-care and skin-care products. Beginning in the 1960s, Sunstar further expanded its business to include the manufacture and marketing of sealants and adhesives for the construction and automotive industries and brake discs and sprockets for the motorcycle industry.

Sunstar is one of the Top Ten oral-care companies in the world and a world leader in the motorcycle parts business. Today, with its World Headquarters in Switzerland as a base, the Sunstar Group is carrying out and expanding its business activities in the world’s four main business regions –. The Americas, Europe, Asia (including China and Southeast Asia) and Japan – by providing products and services to people in more than 90 countries around the world. Sunstar currently employs 3,500 employees worldwide.

In the financial year that ended on March 31, 2007, the Sunstar Group’s total global sales reached CHF.1,170 million. The Sunstar Group currently operates in the following four business fields:
Mouth and Body Care 52% of total sales
Health and Beauty Care 11% of total sales
Environment & Amenity 13% of total sales
Safety Support & High Technology 24% of total sales

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