The first SUNSTAR Perio Link Award

15 September 2017

The SUNSTAR Foundation, following the “World Perio Research Award” ongoing initiative, continued developing further strategies to raise scientific and social awareness of the link between oral and global health.

For this reason, on September 15, 2017, the SUNSTAR Foundation also launched another contest, the ”Perio Link Award“, in order to communicate scientists’ latest research on periodontics to the general public. The SUNSTAR Foundation‘s 3 main goals can be summarized as follows:

1. Acknowledge the pivotal role of periodontal research in defending and promoting overall health;

2. Involve society at large in a process of prevention and enhancement of general wellbeing;

3. Inspire a holistic approach to the problem considering the human body as an organism whose functions are interconnected and influence each other.

Such objectives were pursued by the scientific papers presented at this 1st edition, which are available on the SUNSTAR Foundation website. The selection of the award winners has been opened to everyone, with the aim of choosing the most impactful research that would encourage social debate on this topic.

For more information on the award and other activities, please visit the SUNSTAR Foundation webpage. If you are interested in SUNSTAR’s diverse initiatives, feel free to browse SUNSTAR’s website.