Eliminate pet odors at the touch of a button: Sunstar launches hi-tech ‘plug and go’ air purifier for pet owners

12 April 2023

Sunstar, a global leader in quality-of-life brands, has launched a hi-tech ‘plug and go’ air purifier designed for pet owners. The QAIS-air- 04 is a whisper quiet, wall-mounted purifier that eliminates pet odors immediately by disinfecting odor substances at source and is chemical free.

With air purification expertise first established in the medical care field in Japan, Sunstar QAIS products are now used in hospitals, care centers and highly luxurious excursion trains, and Sunstar has also become a holistic health care provider in indoor air quality products. The advanced QAIS-air- 04 takes care of pet smells in the home effectively, efficiently and safely using a targeted 24/7 solution to fully disinfect odor substances, not just covering them up like traditional, passive room deodorizing solutions.

Research has shown that pet odor is a concern for many owners, with 29% of US pet owners claiming someone has told them their house has a ‘pet smell’¹. Another survey also found that 97% of cat owners care about toilet odor, while 63% of dog owners also care about the smell of the pet itself².

QAIS-air-® products are powered by Sunstar’s PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation), a special disinfection and deodorizing technology developed by Sunstar and feature a photocatalyst, a material that absorbs light. Applying UV light to the photocatalyst creates a chemical reaction that oxidizes and decomposes odor causing compounds and reduces odors without using any chemicals such as ozone or chlorine. It also decomposes harmful organic compounds (such as bacteria and viruses) that float in the air.

While effective in any pet home environment, the QAIS-air- 04 is particularly suitable for pet parents using a pet litter box or a pee pad indoors. It can be placed on a wall above a cat litter box to continuously eliminate odors and reliable odor control where it’s needed most.

Designed with the safety and comfort of pets as a top priority, QAIS-air-® products are certified by CARB (California Air Resource Board) for strict ozone emission standards3, making it safe for pets and humans alike. Reflecting its Japanese origins, the QAIS-air- 04’s PCO unit also features Seto ware, a traditional Japanese ceramic material, which is very porous and readily collects any odor compounds.

Tetsu Miyoshi, Director of E-Science Product Planning at Sunstar said: “Especially designed for pet lovers, the QAIS-air- 04 is the latest solution in the QAIS series, an innovative brand already well-established and respected across medical, commercial and public transportation sectors in Japan.

“We’re pleased to introduce this advanced new product to the US which is renowned for having up to ten times more pet owners than other countries4. With it, any owners and house guests can enjoy their pets even more without unpleasant toilet odors.”

The QAIS-air- 04 product is available for purchase on the official brand website at $350. For more information visit: https://us.sunstarqais.com/. From April 17 to July 15 2023 a QAIS -air-04 pop-up will also be at The Launch NYC, New York, below 57th and 58th Street under Eighth Avenue, so consumers can experience its power of deodorization.