KENKODOJO® health foods and beverages help people rebalance their lives for better health


KENKODOJO® believes that balance and harmony are the foundation for a genuinely healthy life. Everyone is protected by an innate healing power from birth. An unbalanced diet and the excessive stress from modern life, together with the natural process of aging, can lead to a deterioration of this power.

Based on the core practice of the Sunstar Holistic Health Center, the KENKODOJO® brand was born in 1988 with a range of products to help people follow a more healthy and balanced diet. Built on Japanese tradition and modern nutritional science, KENKODOJO’s health foods and beverages strive to help people bring renewed balance into their daily life. The power of green vegetables and brown rice is combined with a holistic program of physical exercise and mental relaxation techniques to help rebalance the mind and body.

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