Biodiversity Conservation

Policy and Approach

We are committed to biodiversity in the procurement of raw materials for our products and in the natural environment around our facilities. In terms of materials procurement for our Consumer Business, in August 2021, we joined the non-profit organization RSPO*1, which promotes the production and usage of palm oil with due consideration given to the environment and human rights, and Yamanashi Plant began using RSPO-certified palm oil. Going forward, we will increase the percentage of certified palm oil we use. Regarding paper packaging used for products, we are expanding the use of recycled paper and materials sourced from FSC®*2-certified forests, which contribute to the protection of the Earth’s forests. In addition, at our business sites worldwide, we are making efforts to conserve biodiversity, such as promoting environmental conservation within the premises of each site and participating in nature conservation activities in collaboration with the local community.

Mid- to Long-Term Environmental Targets and Results

Scope of data: data for production at the Group’s 15 global plants are integrated excluding U.S. sites in the Consumer Business and Tsubamex in the Industrial Business.
Consumer Business = Oral care products, cosmetics, health foods, and other consumer product-related businesses

Industrial Business = Adhesives and sealants for automobiles, construction and electronics, and metal parts for motorcycles and automobiles

Evaluation criteria: ◎=Exceeds plan, ○=Progress almost as planned, △=Missed plan but making progress, ×=Worse than current status

*1 Includes European procurement for consumer business

*4 Primary packaging materials ( Excluding materials procured by subcontractors for Japanese consumer goods and industrial goods)

*5 FSC ® (Forest Stewardship Council ®)

*6 RSPO(Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)Our RSPO Membership Progress-

*7 In-house procurement, mass-balance products in FY2021

Major Initiatives

Use of FSC®-certified paper for product packaging and in-store sales promotions (Japan)

For product packaging, we are promoting the use of FSC®-certified paper which contributes to forest conservation. For product display units used in stores, we are also using FSC®-certified paper instead of plastic.

Active use of FSC®-certified paper for product packaging (Japan)

When launching new products or changing product specifications, we adopt FSC®-certified paper for packaging materials, which contributes to forest conservation.

Started procurement and blending of certified palm oil by joining RSPO (Japan)

The Yamanashi Factory of Sunstar Inc. has begun using RSPO-certified palm oil-derived concentrated glycerin, which is environmentally-friendly and abides by human rights, in mouthwash and liquid toothpaste.

Employees participate in activities to promote tap water use (Europe)

At the Sunstar Group Headquarters in Etoy, Switzerland, we support the activities of WfW, a non-profit organization for sustainable water use, and have participated in efforts to promote greater tap water usage by refraining from purchasing beverages in plastic bottles and instead providing tap water dispensers in the office. We also supported WfW’s endeavors to ensure safe access to drinking water and sanitary facilities for all in Mozambique and Zambia.

Community cleanup activities by employees (Europe, Japan)

At our Swiss Headquarters, employees participate in cleanup events around Lake Geneva. In Japan, employees at each of our plants and offices participate in community cleanup events and regularly clean up around plants in an effort to conserve the local environment.

Local ecosystem conservation activities by employees (Europe)

From the perspective of biodiversity conservation, employees at our German plant, which manufactures toothbrushes and interdental brushes, have built walking trails on the plant premises using natural materials, installed benches made of solid natural wood, and kept honeybees, thereby playing a part in conserving the local ecosystem.

Support for forest protection (Europe, Japan)

Our plants in Germany and Tokushima, which manufacture toothbrushes and interdental brushes, continue to support the conservation of local forests, thereby contributing to the conservation of local biodiversity and the prevention of global warming.

Employee tree-planting activities at the factory and at home (Asia)

At a metal parts factory in Thailand, employees plant trees every year to increase greenery in the workplace environment. 2022, young trees were also distributed to employees to foster environmental awareness at home.

Major U.S. site for oral care products wins 2019 Landscape Award (Americas)

Our office, factory and development center in Schaumburg, on the outskirts of Chicago, received the Best Natural Landscape Award from the municipal environmental committee. The facility was rated highly for its use of native plants, which reduced the need for artificial watering systems, its high-level storm water filtration, and its contribution to the preservation of biodiversity in the region.