Climate Action

Approach and Background

Environmental destruction and the negative economic impacts of abnormal weather and natural disasters caused by global warming are becoming ever more serious. Within the activities of corporations, the need to reduce CO2 emissions is urgent. We are taking action to meet the challenges of climate change in a variety of ways, such as by introducing renewable energy at plants and by improving our energy efficiency.

From FY2022, we will disclose actual CO2 emissions, beginning with figures for FY2021, the year we start measuring emissions according to a globally unified standard.

Mid-Term Targets 2025 2030

CO2 emissions from own plants:
Reduction of
total emission (Scope 1+2)


Base year: 2020

Regional Initiatives

Sunstar’s Global Headquarters in Switzerland has set a global precedent by powering its offices using 100% renewable energy and 100% local energy. 93% of this is supplied by hydroelectric power plants in Switzerland, 6.3% from renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind power and biomass, and 0.7% from local solar power plants.

Sunstar Interbros (SIB) in Germany is the first Sunstar Group factory to switch to 100% renewable energy. Since June 2020, it has covered all its electric power needs through natural energy, using solar panels installed on the factory roof, as well as hydropower, harnessing water from the Alps.

Resource Utilization and Waste Reduction

Policy and Approach

We help conserve water resources by managing related resources at plants appropriately and reducing the amount of water we use. In regard to raw materials, we will work to switch to recyclable materials from petroleum-based raw materials, and select materials that are easy to recycle or reuse right from the product development stage, contributing to an efficient manufacturing process that generates little waste.

Within manufacturing processes, we will appropriately manage and reduce pollutants in compliance with the laws of each country.

From FY2022, we will disclose actual results, beginning with figures for FY2021, the year we start measuring and collating data according to a globally unified standard.

Regional Initiatives

Our production factory for oral care products at a key site in the US has acquired LEED (Leadership in Environmental Design) certification in recognition of its eco-friendly manufacturing processes.