Development of Eco-friendly Products

Our aim is to create eco-friendly products. We do this by applying our voluntary standards of environmental friendliness, working to conserve resources, save energy, recycle, and cut the amount of waste we generate right from the design stage.

Eco-friendly plastic products and containers


Reduce plastic consumption
De-plasticized design
(Utilization of metal, glass, paper)


Use of recycled materials
(Reduction of virgin plastic)
Design for easy recycling
(Monomaterialization and easy disassembly)


Use of plant-based plastics
(Reduction of oil-based plastics)

Mid-term target 2025 2030

Plastics for containers and packaging:
Increase ratio of
plant-based/recycled plastics used

25% 50%

Post-consumer packages and containers:
Increase ratio of
recyclable or reusable material used

55% 100%

Base year: 2020

Product Examples

Here are just some of the eco-friendly products we have developed.

Ongoing reduction of plastic use in dental rinse bottles, toothpaste tubes, etc.
(Japan, Asia)

Year Activities Results


Thinning toothpaste tube Plastic material reduction 2 tons/year


Expanding SKU for thin toothpaste tube Plastic material reduction


Expanding SKU for thin toothpaste tube
Tninning PET bottle for vegetable juice
Adopting paper can package for health drink
Plastic material reduction 8 tons/year
Plastic reduction 2 tons/year
Paper use 2 tons/year


Lightening mouthwash bottle
Lightening mouthwash cap
Expanding drink SKU of paper can package
Plastic material reduction 40 tons/year
Plastic material reduction 5 tons/year
Paper use 10 tons/year

GUM BIO toothpaste (Europe)

Received COSMOS-ORGANIC certification, a global standard for organic products
It contains 99% of natural ingredients and 22% of ingredients from organic farming. Its packaging box is made with 80% recycled paper and is 100% recyclable.

Reduction of plastic use in toothbrushes (Japan, Europe)

Reducing the amount of plastic used by making the toothbrush head thinner

Reduction of package weight, package plastic and package waste for automotive and construction adhesives and sealants(Global)

We are promoting the use of crushable and film-like containers to reduce waste after use.

KENKODOJO Brown Rice & Soy Drink Sesame Plus (Japan)

Adopting a lightweight paper cartocan package helped reduce CO2 emissions in transportation
This health drink is a tasty way to consume nutrients from rice bran, which is often wasted during rice polishing

Commercialization of highly durable and weather-resistant construction sealants (Japan)

We are promoting the use of stain-resistant and long-lasting materials.

Switch to a composite material of 80% recycled paper and PET for all GUM SOFT PICKS packaging materials (Europe, Americas)