Resource Circulation and Waste Reduction

Policy and Approach

We help conserve water resources by managing related resources at plants appropriately and reducing the amount of water we use. In regard to raw materials, we will work to switch to recyclable materials from petroleum-based raw materials and select materials that are easy to recycle or reuse right from the product development stage, contributing to an efficient manufacturing process that generates little waste.
We will contribute to the realization of a circular economy by promoting cooperation with manufacturers, business partners, and local governments regarding the collection and recycling of plastics used in products and containers that customers have finished using. We comply with the laws of each country in our manufacturing processes and utilize environmental management such as ISO 14001 to properly control and reduce pollutants.

Mid- to Long-Term Environmental Targets and Results

* Scope of data: data for production at the Group’s 15 global plants are integrated excluding U.S. sites in the Consumer Business and Tsubamex in the Industrial Business.
Consumer Business = Oral care products, cosmetics, health foods, and other consumer product-related businesses
Industrial Business = Adhesives and sealants for automobiles, construction and electronics, and metal parts for motorcycles and automobiles

* Evaluation criteria: ◎=Exceeds plan, ○=Progress almost as planned, △=Missed plan but making progress, ×=Worse than current status

*9 Base year: 2020 for the Consumer Business, 2019 for the Industrial Business (because 2020 was a year of significant production cuts for the client companies)

*10 Excludes groundwater from the Yamanashi Plant, the Industrial Business

Major Initiatives

Used plastic collection and recycling (Europe, Japan)

In the Netherlands, in 2021 and 2022, we conducted a test program with TerraCycle to collect and recycle interdental cleaning products. In Japan, in collaboration with Kobe City and industry companies, we began participating in an initiative in 2021 to collect toothbrushes and to present citizens with rulers made from recycled resin. And in 2022, in collaboration with various industry companies, we began participating in a test program to collect and recycle refill packs for daily use products. Using trash bags made from recycled resin, we held community cleanup activities with local residents. We are working to create a system for resource recycling of used plastic products and packaging materials and to design products with low environmental impact.

Conducted a verification experiment to reduce packaging waste during product delivery (Japan)

We investigated using reusable folding containers to replace the cardboard cartons and plastic wrap used to prevent cargo collapse when transporting products between logistics centers. Moving forward, we aim to resolve remaining issues and implement their use in collaboration with related industries.

Recycling of waste plastic from the manufacturing process (Japan)

We are striving to reduce waste through resource recycling in the plant. For example, we collect damaged plastic trays used in the Tokushima Plant for transporting products and recycle them into plastic trays for use again. And plastic parts excluded from the toothbrush manufacturing process without meeting quality standards are recycled into toothbrush stands and used as souvenirs for plant visitors.

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