Sunstar Group Long-Term Vision and SDGs

Sunstar Group Long-Term Vision

Ideal Image in 2032

Sunstar is a company that contributes to enhancing healthy life expectancy and quality of life (QOL), starting from good oral health to preventive medicine and holistic wellness.
It is important for us to be recognized as the most trustworthy company in the world, providing total support for people to live a healthy and comfortable life in all living environments including mobility and buildings.

To become what we want to be, we will focus on the following aspects to address challenges our society is facing.


The company will construct business models that will minimize the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle and maximize the use of limited resources so that the global environment can be sustained.

Human Resources

The company will strive to be recognized as one of the companies with the highest employee happiness index in the world by encouraging learning from others, respecting and promoting diversity and inclusion, and offering both mentally and physically healthy workplaces around the world.


The company will establish good partnerships with customers as well as local residents, experts in relevant fields, and suppliers by increasing collaboration and knowledge sharing. It will also make cooperative efforts with them to solve social issues.

Management Platform

The company will solidify a strong management platform as one of the most dependable companies in the world by establishing clear policies and plans for compliance and risk management, and by developing strong corporate structures and strategies to ensure long-term corporate value enhancement.

We are contributing to the achievement of United Nations’ SDGs through activities, realizing the Sunstar Group’s Long-Term Vision.

Sunstar’s SDGs Key Goals

We will provide products and services that will help people live healthier lives, from the promotion of oral and overall health to improving the living environments of people all around the world.

We will work to make living environments more secure and comfortable, with regards to mobility and buildings.

We will work to prevent, reduce, and reuse waste products through the entire life cycle of our products—from procurement to manufacturing, logistics, sales, and even after consumer use.

To contribute to achieving carbon neutrality, we will work to reduce CO₂ emissions throughout our supply chain including materials, products, manufacturing and transport.


Formulate Sunstar Group’s Long-Term Vision and promote priority themes

  • Held a sustainability workshop for executives.
  • Held a sustainability workshop for division leaders.
    ⇒Studied the global sustainability trends and discussed the ideal corporate image for Sunstar.
  • Interviews with executives and corporate divisions on the company’s challenges.
  • Benchmarked competitors.
    ⇒Based on the above, social issues to be solved through business and CSR key issues were identified, and the long-term vision and SDGs key goals were set by the leadership team.
  • In Jan. 2019, top management presented the long-term vision internally, in July externally.
  • Discussed specific plans to promote sustainability internally.
  • The environment, risk management, and employee fulfillment were set as top priorities.
  • In Feb. 2020, the top management declared the reinforcement of environmental activities internally.
  • In March 2021, announced sustainability activities and mid- to long-term environmental targets externally.
  • In 2021 and 2022, the executive management team held risk mitigation workshops for each region at business locations in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Japan, to identify significant management risks and formulate and implement countermeasures.
  • In August 2022, we disclosed our sustainability activities and progress on Mid- to Long-Term Environmental Targets.
  • In January 2023, we established the Sunstar Global HR Policy to enhance employee well-being and ensure the sustainability of the company.

Consumer Business Mid-Term Vision

In the era of 100-year life, the Consumer Business aims to help extend healthy life expectancy so that customers can always lead healthy and enriching lives. To do so, we provide products and services that contribute toward promoting overall health, starting with oral health, as well as the creation of healthy and comfortable living environments for both minds and bodies.

In recent years, the importance of good oral health in overall health promotion is rising due to the impacts of infectious diseases, repeated natural disasters, and an aging society. Together with raising awareness about the importance of oral care with the cooperation of dental professionals and local communities widely, we also accelerate the development of products that provide effective oral care in line with the oral issues and age groups of customers. To do so, we strengthen the creation of new added value, including leveraging oral bacteria research results and the application of artificial intelligence and information technology. In addition to oral care, we also work on addressing customers’ health issues in the areas of health foods, skin care, hair care, and daily commodities. Furthermore, we will also actively work on environmental load reduction, such as reducing and recycling petroleum-derived plastics which are often used in consumer products, such as toothbrushes, interdental brushes, and mouthwash bottles, as well as packaging, developing products that are beneficial to health as well as the environment, and reducing the environmental impact of our business locations.

Industrial Business Mid-Term Vision

As the technical solutions group that supports the creation of healthy and comfortable living spaces for people across the world, the Industrial Business is leveraging our strengths in adhesive and metal processing technologies to strengthen the competitiveness of our existing businesses, expand sales areas, and develop businesses in related fields, while striving to create new living environment businesses such as the indoor air quality improvement business.

In adhesives for automobiles and electronics, we expect strong demand for new adhesives arising from weight reduction, conversion to electric vehicles, and electrification in line with carbon neutrality in the automotive industry. We will also use our locations in Germany to expand business for automobile manufacturers in Europe. As for construction sealants and adhesives, we will expand our lineup of products such as interior adhesives, enhance one-component products which have high work efficiency, expand business in China, develop the market in Asia, and make containers environmentally friendly. In the metal parts business, we aim to grow business by increasing orders for brake discs used in large motorcycles, luxury bicycles, electric motorcycles, and small electric vehicles in China and India as well as metal parts for automobiles and ships. In the indoor air quality improvement business, we will enhance our product lineup for pet owners and undertake global expansion to expand the business.