Sustainability Promotion Framework

The Sunstar Group Long-Term Vision 2032 presents an ideal image of how we intend to contribute to society through consumer and industrial businesses from the perspective of creating shared value (CSV). To achieve this, we regard the environment, human resources, and the management platform—aspects that society demands to be addressed—as priority issues from a corporate social responsibility (CSR) perspective. We build partnerships based on dialogues with stakeholders to address those areas. Since 2019, we have been advancing the environmental initiatives that were previously handled separately by each base, now as a unified global group activity. In 2021, we set group-wide unified medium- to long-term targets to make progress in environmental measures in cooperation among our businesses. In terms of risk management, we conducted management risk analysis in our four business regions around the world, and in terms of human resources, we formulated a global HR policy and HR system to serve as the basis for enhancing employee happiness.

Supervision and Auditing

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