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Life with Sunstar

In our offices, laboratories and factories all around the world, we’re using smartphones to record our daily life; capturing a little of what makes us Sunstar.

Come and join us for a look inside…



Our origins date back to 1932 as a manufacturer of bicycle parts and glue for repairing flat tires. By packaging toothpaste in the metal tube containers used for the glue, we expanded into the Oral Care sector and the rest is history.


Being Healthy

Being healthy is a big part of daily life at Sunstar; from what we eat to how we look after our bodies. We’re working hard to help everyone be healthier – from the mouth to the whole body.

Health & Beauty



Helping Others

Helping people is at the heart of Sunstar, and that goes beyond business. We’re using our skills and resources to support and educate people all around the world to create a happier, healthier tomorrow.

CSR Activities


Collaboration is everywhere at Sunstar. Sharing ideas and know-how across departments, cultures, and countries enables us to help everyone achieve a better quality of life.